Eating for Longevity: Tips from Around the World

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Each culture has its own unique eating and mealtime practices, all of which hold valuable health benefits. From using specific ingredients to changing how food is viewed and presented, here are some of the best tips for dining from around the world.


Maximize Nutrition in Every Meal

Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, and this is believed to be partially due to the Japanese diet. In Japan, low-fat dishes such as sushi provide fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Since fish is a staple in Japan, the people living there enjoy a low-fat alternative to the red meat frequently consumed in America.

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Avoid Snacking between Meals

A traditional diet in the Netherlands is already full of nutrition, since people there typically eat salmon and a plate full of vegetables. However, they’re especially good at keeping their snacking between meals to a minimum. Although they enjoy coffee and tea between their meals, they’ll rarely eat more than a single biscuit, which helps them keep their daily caloric intake low.

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Enjoy a Daily Glass of Wine

The French are known for enjoying a rich diet, yet they keep their weight under control by eating and drinking in moderation. One habit of the French that has major benefits for the heart is enjoying a glass of wine each day. Red wine is full of antioxidants that can have cardiovascular benefits.


Switch to Olive Oil

At times, it may seem impossible to avoid using fats when cooking. But people do have control over the types of fat used. Animal fats tend to be higher in calories while offering little nutrition. In Greece, olive oil is used in dressings and other recipes, and it offers a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids that benefit the heart.

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