Can the Brain Determine Obesity?

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The brain plays a significant role in determining a person’s weight. This is due to the oxygen sensors’ regulation of metabolic activities. As brain function deteriorates with age, seniors can develop an increased risk of weight problems. The following information can help you keep your senior loved one fit and healthy during the golden years.


How the Brain Regulates Weight

The body’s metabolic response is controlled by the hypothalamus. It manages functions critical to weight, such as thyroid function and the body’s response to leptin, the hormone that controls feelings of hunger and satiety. Persistent obesity and a lifetime of poor diet choices can actually cause a change in the hypothalamus and prevent it from regulating weight properly. This can be especially pronounced in seniors who have a long history of poor eating habits.

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How Oxygen Sensing Regulates Metabolism

A recent study has found there may be more at play in regulating weight than just the hypothalamus. Scientists found a new link between the body’s sensory perception and signal to burn fat. Preliminary research suggests oxygen-sensing neurons may signal the body to burn fat, and vice versa. While this has only been proven in animals so far, it has significant implications for humans as well.

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Impact on Seniors

This study has significant implications for seniors. The brain’s sensory neurons tend to lose functionality with age, putting seniors at increased risk for obesity. Obesity is linked to a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure, joint and breathing problems, and an increased risk of stroke and diabetes. Many seniors have these conditions already or have other medical problems that can exacerbate these symptoms. 

Proper weight maintenance is essential for good health. Caregivers can help by paying careful attention to their loved ones’ weight and regulate their diet accordingly. A healthy weight can have a positive impact on a senior’s overall quality of life and ability to manage other health problems.

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