How Can Art Therapy Be Beneficial for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s?

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Researchers are constantly looking for new ways to promote quality of life for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown artistic expression can boost the cognitive health of those who have this disease. If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, art therapy may come with a number of advantages.



Over time, your loved one may lose the ability to communicate his or her thoughts and emotions. Art therapy serves to bridge the gap by offering seniors with Alzheimer’s a way to express themselves nonverbally. By creating, seniors can share their thoughts, connect with loved ones, and creatively release negative emotions.

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Increased Focus

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often experience a great deal of frustration over their lost abilities and lack of concentration. Art therapy can give your loved one renewed hope by focusing on developing new abilities and skills he or she still has. In doing so, this form of treatment can also serve to increase the ability to concentrate.

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Calming Therapy

Irritability, angry outbursts, and aggression are common symptoms seniors with Alzheimer’s experience. Art therapy can calm your loved one down and positively impact his or her mood, which decreases the chances of disruptive behavior. Whether your loved one is viewing art or creating an artistic piece, self-expression and the ability to connect with others can have a calming effect.


Stronger Relationships

Alzheimer’s can be destructive to seniors who have the disease and to the people who care for them. This is often made worse by a senior’s inability to adequately express him or herself. Art therapy can strengthen the relationship between you and your loved one, reminding you that he or she is still the same person you know and love.

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