6 Major Benefits Playing Golf Offers to Aging Adults

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The modern game of golf originated in 15th-century Scotland. Today, the leisurely gentleman’s game is enjoyed by people of both genders and all ages worldwide. Golf courses are designed with a variety of challenges and span anywhere from 30 to 200 acres of scenic terrain. This low-impact sport isn’t difficult to learn and offers many benefits to seniors.

1. Motivates Seniors to Spend Time Outdoors

Playing golf outdoors under the sun encourages the body to generate vitamin D, which promotes healthy bone mineralization. Being outdoors surrounded by landscaped beauty also promotes physical and mental relaxation that reduces anxiety and stress. Routinely engaging in a friendly game of golf can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and other health conditions. 

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2. Increases Socialization 

As the game is typically played with two or more players, golf is a wonderful way to socialize. Meeting at the course provides friends or family members with the chance to enjoy each other’s company and stay in touch between shots. Seniors also often meet other people on the course or in the clubhouse, which creates opportunities to expand their social circles.

3. Encourages Physical Exercise

Seniors who choose to walk around the golf course rather than using carts often walk three to four miles during a single game. Each act of swinging a club and carrying a bag of clubs burns additional calories. Older adults can easily burn up to 1,000 calories per game by declining to use carts and caddies. Players gain cardiovascular benefits by gently increasing their heart rates, which enhances blood circulation. Bending and crouching during game play also strengthens the back and quadricep muscles.

4. Enhances Brain Health

With increased blood flow to the brain, neurons are better equipped to communicate effectively. Healthy brain cells interfere with disease processes that lead to dementia. The hand-eye coordination, strategy, and scorekeeping involved in playing golf boost cognitive function, and meeting or surpassing the challenges of completing a game with the fewest number of strokes bolsters confidence and self-esteem. 

5. Boosts Bladder Strength

The bladders of older adults commonly begin losing elasticity, which leads to urinary incontinence. Being out on the golf course strengthens the bladder by extending the time between bathroom trips. The bladder must relearn to hold fluids longer before emptying. The challenge becomes greater when golfers hydrate during play. 

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6. Promotes Sleep

Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine while playing golf provides the body with enough physical activity to expend energy, encourage fatigue, and enjoy restful sleep at night. Seniors who regularly play golf report having less difficulty falling and staying asleep. Nights of sound, restful sleep enable the body to relax and perform necessary cellular repairs. 

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