Exciting Activities Older Adults Can Do with Their Grandkids

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Fun Activities for Aging Adults & Their Grandkids

Seniors who are fortunate enough to have grandchildren have much to gain from spending time with their younger relatives. Whether your elderly loved one needs a mental boost or more opportunities for physical activity, bring the grandkids over and get them involved in some fun activities together. Here are a few exciting activities both generations will enjoy.

Play Video or Board Games

Many classic board games are still popular with the younger generations. Kids enjoy the competition, while older adults benefit from the mental stimulation that helps them build and maintain cognitive skills. Having the grandchildren teach your loved one how to play their favorite video games not only creates neural pathways that can help him or her maintain cognition, but it can also help him or her maintain hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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Share a Hobby

Baking, gardening, fishing, and knitting are wonderful hobbies that can be shared between grandparents and grandchildren. Working together on a project or hobby can provide your loved one with the emotional satisfaction of passing along a legacy of memories and skills to the younger generation. The grandkids will treasure the time spent at Grandma or Grandpa’s house while learning valuable skills and life lessons in the process.

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Conduct a Science Experiment

Most children are fascinated by how the world works. Performing simple science experiments at home is a great way for children and seniors alike to hone and exercise analytical and problem-solving skills and enhance cognition. Your loved one can visit the children’s section of his or her local library or go online to get ideas for safe and easy experiments that can be done using everyday objects found around the house.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can turn an ordinary trip to the park into an adventure. Your loved one can work with the grandchildren to create a list of items to collect, then head to the nearest park to have a friendly competition and see who can find all the items first. The grandkids get a chance to work on their observational skills and burn off a little excess energy, and your loved one gets some aerobic exercise, which promotes cardiovascular health.

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